Chicken Raid HD App Reviews

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Great game!!

Maybe a 4 yr old could play, but takes much more to score well. Don't write this off, it is more difficult than it seems at 1st glance. Very entertaining & hard to put down. Another winner from FDG.

Fun fun fun!

My son loves this game. He said it's just fun fun fun!

Great application


Fun game

Just found the game today. I like it. It's fun, but not too hard.


addictive and fun

Fun nice

Fun and challenging

Great game for all ages

Great game

Chicken raid hd

Fun game

Makes u use your noggin

Luv it


Fun fun. Fun

Good kids game

Good kids game

Good and ggoodd

Good and good

Chicken Raid

Great game!


Nice game

Chicken Raid

Great game. If you like Cover the Oranges you'll love this one.

Interesting game so far

Just started good physics gane


Good but could be improved in some aspects.

Chicken Raid

Cute game,fun to play

Chicken raid hd

Outstanding game but cutting accuracy very slightly off. Love to play it!

Fun game

A little easier than AB and a deal at the sale price.

Chicken raid

This is a great game

Fun Game

Game is very addictive! Fun to play!

Beautifully written

Fun game!!

Fun game

Fun game.... Very addicting


Fun game, so far.

Fun game

Waiting for more levels

Chicken Raid

It's challenging, kids love it.

Chicken Raid

Lots of fun. Not as easy as it looks so it's never boring.

Fun game!

Laugh and relax!

Gr8 game

Luv this game

Good game

Nice game.


Love this game!

New level

Just got new level today; as good as the others, not too hard, just fun!


Fun and entertaining!


Excellent game - Very addicting

It's no Angry Birds

But for $.99 it's ok.


heyb yahs


Very intuitive spin on AB, love it.

Fun fun

Personally would have caught my eye sooner if it wasn't 2.99, it's a little much. The game itself is great so far!


This is fun and engaging!


Good game addictive lots of fun

Not bad

This gives you your Angry Birds fix, but in a different way.

Good time

Easy game for my toddler

Love it

More fun than angry birds!


Addicting and entertaining for kids and adults alike.


Great fun, especially the gaseous little ones

Fun Game

Well worth the small price but it would be nice to know what you missed when you don't get all three stars.

Great Game!

Very similar to Siege Hero but more challenging! Thanks guys!!


Fun game!

Get Siege Hero instead

Same idea as Siege Hero but the physics of this game are lacking. Surprising because most FDG games are great. Frustrating and near impossible to get perfect scores on some levels.

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